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We help businesses of any size in any industry transform their expense claims management process. We’re about much more than just great software, we thrive on helping our customers drive huge change within their business.

Learn a little more about the team dedicated to making life easier for you and everyone else in your organisation.


about us

We succeed, when you succeed

We believe that you deserve more than just a one size fits all solution. There isn’t one company that’s the same as another, which is why we work closely with our customers to provide an expense claims management solution that works for them.

We aim to simplify your employees everyday life by digitising your expense claims management process, with our innovative and market-leading technology. Our passion lies not in selling software, but in seeing you succeed.

For us, it’s not just about providing you with great software, it’s about helping you get the most out of Xpensit from day one.


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What is Xpensit all about?


Here’s our story

Xpensit was founded in 2021 with a clear goal – to simplify businesses’ expense claims processes and make the lives of employees simpler through expense claims management software, capable of processing all types of business expenses from report through to reimbursement.

Powered by Findity, it became our mission to streamline organisations management of expense through using our AI driven software – Xpensit.



A new approach for a new era

Expense claims management is increasingly challenging and complicated but that doesn’t mean that your expense software has to be. What’s needed is agility, a way of getting things done more quickly, more easily and more efficiently.

Designed in the UK – Xpensit is a fully AI driven expense management software that combines sophisticated Expense management functionality with ease of use and agility.

Our aim today as it always has been, is to harness the latest technologies to provide forward thinking expense management solutions to help our customers work smarter and achieve more.


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41% of all business travellers spend over 60 minutes a month on their travel expenses.

We automate expense management for 20,000 companies


70% still use a completely manual process - It's time to get ahead of your competition