Product support

product support

Support for employees and managers

If you can’t find the answer in the online help provided within your Xpensit expense management software, you’ll need to talk to your HR team. They’ll be able to reset your Xpensit password, explain how the system is configured and help you gain access to features that you may need.

Learn about logging in and passwords

Login and password policies are defined by your HR team or, in the case of single sign on, by IT.

If you need to reset your password select the “forgotten your password” option. The system will send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password. This email may go to your junk folder, so please remember to check here. If you become locked out of your account, you will be asked to reset your password.

Learn about online help

Our expense management software has been designed so that training isn’t a requirement and employers and employees can hit the ground running.

However, for handy tips on how to use Xpensit, simply log into your Xpensit platform, from the menu on the left hand side select Support.

Mobile apps for IOS and Android

Access Xpensit’s mobile apps that make it simpler to report new expenses, check the progress of your expense reports and check if there are any items to take care of. With built in notifications managing your expenses has just become easier.

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