The power of efficiency with
AI driven software

Streamline your expense process, speed up approvals, simplify expense claims management and have more time focusing on the other aspects of your job. Automated expense management software provides the perfect solution. Automated expense claims management software can assist with the following:



Receipt & expenses

Xpensit can handle any type of business expense in any currency and will automatically analyse any type of receipt using the built-in receipt scanner and extract the required information.



Accounting & payroll

 With an open API, you can achieve easy integration to all accounting and payroll systems. Send expense reports to several receiving systems, both for accounting and payroll.


Card purchases

Integrate business and private cards with Xpensit, which will automatically report expenses. Transactions are retrieved in real-time and matched against invoices


Mileage & driving record

Xpensit automatically calculates mileage compensation, whether that’s in a private or company car. All trips are automatically important into our expense software immediately.


Expenditure reports

 With a full suite of reporting and analytics tools, overview and check the status of expense reports. Setup automatic reminders for submitting and approving expense reports.


Tailor-made expense management

 Customise expense categories, payment methods, input fields and chart of accounts/salary type. Set amount limits on expense categories.


Why switch to automated expense management software?


41% of all business travellers spend over 60 minutes a month on their travel expense claims

Powering expense claims management for 190,000 users.


40% of employees across Europe manage expenses

What do most team members find the most problematic

about submitting expenses?

Being out of pocket

Not knowing the status of reimbursement claims

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Simplify your expense claims management

Streamline your expense process for your employees and finance department with automated expense management software.