Receipt scanner:

Snap a picture of your receipt and away you go

Wasting time manually keying receipt data… Look no further! Automate the entry of data from your expense receipts, reducing errors and saving time. You’ll never look back with our OCR technology. 

Receipt scanner
using a receipt scaner
Receipt scanner

Capture expense claims on the go, anytime, anywhere

Our mobile receipt scanner allows you to never have to deal with lost receipts or expense claims filed months after a business trip again. Business expense receipts are automatically turned into data using Xpensit. You can better track and verify purchases with timely, accurate information, and get an overall picture of your spending.

Eliminate manual data entry and human error

Add receipts to expense claims instantly

Save time for all involved in expense claims management

Achieve more accurate data

Receipt Scanner: creating effortless expense claims management

A travel expense is, by definition, an expense incurred during travel. Expense claims management software should allow users to snap a photo of a receipt and attach it immediately to an expense report. By converting receipts into data, your employee’s expense claim will be submitted before their trip ends. With Xpensit’s receipt scanner, you won’t have to worry about lost receipts, wasted time or delayed expense claims.

receipt scanner on phone


Turn minutes into seconds with the receipt scanner

With Xpensit, piles of paper can be turned into actionable business intelligence through improved accuracy at every step of the process, from receipt capture to final reimbursement. A receipt scanner and expense tracker app that goes beyond capturing receipts. You can make more informed procurement and budgeting decisions with better data that is automatically itemised.

With embedded AI and machine learning, our built in Optical Character Recognition technology can read all types of receipts at a simple click and capture. Simply hold your phone or device over the receipt, capture and let Xpensit do the rest.


Explore more features

Receipt & expenses

Xpensit can handle any type of business expense in any currency and will automatically analyse any type of receipt using the built-in receipt scanner and extract the required information.


Accounting & payroll

 With an open API, you can achieve easy integration to all accounting and payroll systems. Send expense reports to several receiving systems, both for accounting and payroll.


Card purchases

Integrate business and private cards with Xpensit, which will automatically report expenses. Transactions are retrieved in real-time and matched against invoices



41% of all business travellers spend over 60 minutes a month on their travel expenses.


50% of all employees regularly lose their receipts.


70% still use a completely manual process - It's time to get ahead of your competition.