Expense Reimbursement Software:


Our expense reimbursement software minimises
expense processes from minutes to seconds, allowing
faster reimbursement. 

expense reimbursement software

Benefits of automated expense reimbursement software:


71% of employees miss out on claiming expenses each year.


90% faster than manual expense processes.


48% of employees still use their own money to cover business costs, without reimbursement.

Expense reimbursement
software =
faster expense

If there is one thing all team members want, it’s faster expense reimbursement.

MyExpenseZone turns minutes into seconds with a fully automated, seamless approach. Paired with our receipt scanner, expense reimbursement couldn’t be easier. 


Expense reimbursement software

Save time and resrouces with your expense management

Turn minutes into seconds with a seamless approach to expense management by using automated expense management software.

Save time

Increase efficiency for all team members by reducing submission times, administration time and reimbursement time.

Reduce errors

Our receipt scanner picks up amount, currency and tax, significantly reducing errors.

Faster expense reimbursement

When it comes to expense reimbursement, the faster the better. Faster reimbursement = happier employees.

Greater confidence

Providing your employees with an automated approach enables a strong start when it comes to expense claims management. 

expense reimbursement software


All in one place

Submit and reimburse expense claims using one simple, streamlined solution, all under one roof.



Integrate with your existing accounting solution. Visit our integrations page to find out more.


Reimbursement in just a few clicks

Reimburse team members in just a few clicks with our expense reimbursement software.


User friendly

Usability is at the heart of what we do. Our expense software can be easily used by all team members at any time.

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