Terms of Use


  1. The Supplier provides the Service, which is available using web and mobile applications.
  2. By signing the Subscription Agreement, the Customer and the User agree to be bound by and to comply with the Terms of
  3. The Supplier has the right to make amendments or additions to the Terms of Use. Unless otherwise stated, such changes shall apply with immediate effect. Continued use of the Service after amendments have been made constitutes acceptance of the amended Terms of Use.



  1. The “Subscription Agreement” refers to the agreement entered into by the Customer and the Supplier regarding rights and obligations regarding the Service.
  2. The “User” refers to the natural person who, through their employment, consultancy agreement or similar relationship with the Customer, has been offered a User Account and is thereby given access to the Service.
  3. The “User’s Data” refers to all the information that the User stores or generates in the Services, for example, receipts, images, subsistence allowances and mileage logs that the User has published, provided, uploaded or approved for storage and/or publication within the User’s space in the Service.
  4. User Account” refers to the User’s account linked to the Customer’s Subscription Agreement.
  5. The “Terms of Use” refers to these terms for use of the
  6. The “Supplier’s Privacy Policy” refers to the Supplier’s prevailing policy regarding the processing of Personal Data.
  7. The “Customer” refers to the legal entity that has entered into an agreement regarding the use of the Service provided by the Supplier and thus has financial liability for the Service and is the legal holder of the email address that the User uses when registering and to which the User is linked by an employment agreement, consultancy agreement or similar relationship. The Customer shall not be an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or similar provider, even though such a provider may hold the rights to the email address used by the User.
  8. Applicable Data Protection Legislation” refers to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), (EU) 2016/679 and replacement acts, applicable UK law regarding data protection, and associated rules and regulations issued by a regulatory authority.
  9. The “Supplier” refers to the company that provides the Service to the User in accordance with these Terms of Use.
  10. Registration Information” refers to the information regarding name and other information that the Supplier requests at registration or at a later date.
  11. The “Service” refers to the web and application-based service provided by the Supplier for the management of business and travel expenses.
  12. Personal Data” refers to any information that relates to an identified or identifiable natural person, whereby an identifiable natural person is a person who can be directly or indirectly identified specifically by reference to an identifier such as a name, identification number, location information or online identifier, or one or more factors specific to the natural person’s physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity.



The User gains access to the Service by receiving via email an invitation to the Service. Using the invitation, the User creates a User Account to use with the Service. The Customer and the User undertake to provide the correct information regarding name and other information when requested at registration or at a later date.



  1. The User is responsible for their use of the Service and for the results that arise from using the Service.
  2. The Customer and the User are responsible for the accuracy of the information and details provided by the Customer and/or the User, both when registering and using the Service. Should any information require updating, the Customer and/or the User undertakes to notify the Supplier that such updates are required.
  3. The User is responsible for ensuring that their username, password and other login information are not accessed without Should the User become aware or suspect that such information has been accessed without authorization, the User shall contact the Supplier immediately using the contact details published in the Service.
  4. Should the User believe that any content in the Service violates the Terms of Use, the User shall immediately report the content to the Supplier using the contact details published in the
  5. In the event that the User accepts these Terms of Use and creates a User Account with an email address belonging to the Customer, such User Account may at any time be subject to additional terms that result from the prevailing Subscription As such, the User is aware of and accepts that the Customer may take measures that may change the Service as provided to the User or impose access restrictions on the User’s access to the Service. Examples of such measures include administrative measures taken by the Customer, instructions issued by the Customer to the Supplier, measures that may occur in the event of a reorganization, or the termination of an employment, consultancy or similar relationship with the User.
  6. Should the User’s use of the Service result in claims from third parties against the Supplier or cause the Supplier other damage, the User shall be liable for indemnifying the Supplier in relation to such claims for compensation and other damage.



  1. In order for the User to use the Services, the User must provide the Supplier with certain Registration Information including but not limited to full name, email address and contact Should the User register a User Account after receiving an invitation from another User or the Customer, such Registration Information may also have been provided to the Supplier by the User who sent the invitation or by the Customer. Upon receipt of such information, the Supplier processes the information using automatic data processing, which enables the Supplier to manage and otherwise carry out its obligations within the framework for the Services, and which enables MyExpenseZone to ensure that unauthorized persons do not gain access to the Services. As stated in section 10, “Privacy”, the Supplier will not provide third parties with Personal Data. Upon request, the User has the right to access personal data related to the User. The User also has the right to have such data corrected.
  2. The Supplier  complies  with  Applicable  Data  Protection Legislation when processing Personal Data. The Supplier processes information regarding the User and the User’s Data including purchase/travel information and, in some cases, credit card transaction data which has been imported from the credit card issuer/bank or has otherwise been recorded in the Service. Personal Data are processed both manually and by computers. The Supplier is the personal data controller for the information. The Customer is the personal data controller for the User’s Data and the Supplier processes this data on behalf of the personal data controller. The Supplier’s Privacy Policy and contact details are available at https://xpensit.io/privacy-policy/
  3. The Supplier processes Personal Data in order for the Supplier to be able to i) provide the Service to the User, ii) manage, develop and adapt the Service in relation to the User, and iii) address information to the User regarding the Supplier’s The Supplier may also process Personal Data in connection with marketing aimed at the User. Personal Data are not stored any longer than is necessary for the purposes of processing.
  4. The Supplier may use subcontractors to provide a number of functions, such as technical services for the Service and In certain cases, these subcontractors may have access to Personal Data where it is necessary for them to be able to carry out an assignment for the Supplier regarding the Service. The Supplier’s subcontractors may only use Personal Data to carry out assignments for the Supplier and in accordance with the Supplier’s written instructions.
  5. The legal basis for the Supplier’s processing of Personal Data is to fulfil the Supplier’s contractual obligations to the User. The User is hereby informed that the User’s Personal Data will be processed in the manner and for the purposes set out in sections 5.1 – 5.3 above. The User is also informed that Personal Data may be transferred to companies and organizations, both within and outside the EU/EEA for the purposes set out in sections 5.1 – 5.3 above.
  6. The Personal Data entrusted to the Supplier are processed in a secure manner. Only a limited number of people with specific access rights have access to the Personal Data, and both Personal Data and the User’s Data are protected against intrusion and destruction. Personal Data are not transferred to anyone external to the Supplier other than in those cases specified above.
  7. The User’s rights regarding the Supplier’s processing of Personal Data, together with information on how Personal Data are processed and which data are collected and processed is stated in the Supplier’s Privacy Policy.



  1. The Supplier uses session cookies and permanent cookies for the purpose of gathering visitor statistics and facilitating for the User when logging in to the Service. A cookie is a small text file stored on the User’s computer. Generally, cookies are used to improve the website for the User, for example, to be able to customize a website in accordance with the User’s wishes and A permanent cookie is stored on the User’s computer for a specified period of time. A session cookie is temporarily stored in the computer’s memory while a visitor visits a website. Session cookies disappear when the User closes their web browser.
  2. In the event the User does not accept the use of cookies, the user can change their web browser settings so that cookies are not accepted. The Service’s functionality may be affected should the User choose not to accept cookies.



  1. The Service may contain links to other websites or information services belonging to third The Supplier is not responsible for the information content or the reliability of the information contained on the websites or information services of third parties.



  1. The Supplier and/or the Supplier’s licensors own all rights, including intellectual property rights, to the Service and therein included software.
  2. The Supplier grants the User a non-perpetual, non-transferable and non-exclusive right to use the Service in the manner set out in the Terms of Use.
  3. The User may not use the Service’s content to a greater extent than that which follows from the features of the Service or as expressly stated in the Terms of In no case does the provision or use of the Service mean that copyright or other intellectual property rights are transferred to the User. The User may not, beyond that which has been granted in writing by the Supplier, use, copy, modify or otherwise handle material belonging to the Service, nor may the User transfer or assign the right to such material to another.
  4. The User’s Data shall remain the property of the User and/or its legal owners.
  5. The User grants the Supplier an unlimited in time right to store and use the User’s Data. All such storage and use may only take place in the manner described in these Terms of Use.



  1. The User holds all rights to the User’s Data. However, the Supplier has the right to use the User’s Data for statistical purposes and to improve and develop the Service.
  2. Upon termination of the Agreement, the User is responsible for removing from the Service all the User’s Data that the User may need in the future. The Supplier stores the User’s Data for a maximum of thirty (30) days after the termination of the Agreement, after which the Supplier has the right to delete the Customer’s remaining material from the Supplier’s servers.
  3. Should the agreement be terminated due to non-payment, the user’s Data shall be stored for a maximum of twenty (20) days after which the Supplier is entitled to delete the Customer’s remaining material from the Supplier’s servers.
  4. The Supplier’s responsibility for the User’s Data is limited to that which is stated in section 9 above.



  1. The Supplier undertakes not to disclose to any third party or otherwise make available information that the Supplier has received from the User within the framework of the Service. In this section, “third parties” shall not include users who have access to the Service through the same Subscription Agreement as the User, unless such users’ authorization and access to the Service is specifically restricted by the User.



  1. The Supplier shall not be responsible for any indirect damage, cost, loss or claim that may arise from the use of the Service, such as loss of profits, production, data, etc.
  2. The Supplier’s liability shall be limited to direct damage at a maximum of the value paid by the Customer during the last six (6) months from the time of the damage.
  3. The Supplier shall not be liable for any compensation to third
  4. For a claim to be valid, it must be made within two (2) months of the date the damage was detected or ought to have been detected.



  1. The Terms of Use shall enter into force by the User’s acceptance of the Terms of Use in conjunction with the registration of the Service and shall remain binding until the Customer’s Subscription Agreement and all the User Accounts have been terminated.
  2. The Supplier shall not, upon termination of the Subscription Agreement or these Terms of Use, be responsible for the content created within the framework of the prevailing Subscription Agreement. Accordingly, the User must ensure that they have the necessary backups, etc. of the content the User wishes to keep upon termination of the Service.



  1. The Supplier continuously develops the Service. The Supplier may add or remove functions in the Service, add or create restrictions in the Service, and discontinue the provision of the



  1. The Supplier reserves the right to take legal action should the User breach the Terms of Use. Furthermore, in the event of a breach of contract, the Supplier has the right to deactivate the User and delete and remove the User’s Data. The Supplier is not required to provide special warning or otherwise inform or motivate regarding such action.
  2. The User is not entitled to compensation or damages in the event that the Supplier temporarily or permanently deactivates a User or deletes and/or removes information from the Service.
  3. Information necessary for the Customer to meet the requirements is not subject to the Supplier’s right to delete the User’s Data in accordance with section 14.1.



  1. The User shall not grant, assign or otherwise transfer any of their rights or obligations under these Terms of Use.



  1. UK law, without regard to its conflict of law rules, shall apply to all disputes arising out of or in connection with the Terms of Use or the use of the Service
  2. Disputes arising from these Terms of Use shall be settled finally in ordinary court.