Choosing the right expense management software

Managing business expenses can be a difficult task for all team members involved. If there is one job we all put off, its switching providers. Whilst this is a task we often avoid in our both our personal and professional lives, sometimes this really pays off.

So why would switching your business expense management solution be any different? Which is exactly why we’re here to explain how MyExpenseZone provides a seamless, stress free approach to expense management.


Submitting business expenses with MyExpenseZone

Users can submit their expenses using any card for any transaction. Whilst this may not sound like a great help for finance teams, it’s worth remembering that usability is key. With systems running smoother, this can mean less inconvenience for finance teams. And with the help of our receipt scanner, mistakes are less likely to occur as our scanner picks up amount, currency and tax which again saves incorrect submissions becoming an inconvenience for finance teams.


How does this help your staff?

Your team should be at the top of your priorities when it comes to expense management. Once informed about and provided with a simple solution, your team will be working efficiently. In turn, your staff will then approach expense management with greater confidence, leading to less mistakes and a great amount of time saved correcting incorrect submissions.


Everything in one place

Another reason to switch to MyExpenseZone is that it works seamlessly with your existing accounting software, whilst holding all transactions in one place. Allowing your team to add which ever cards they like, paired with the easy use of our receipt scanner, expense management could not be easier.


Wish to find out more?

As you will now know, MyExpenseZone provides a seamless and stress free solution to expense management. If you wish to find out more about business expense management, contact us today.


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