Choosing the right expense management software


We are all familiar with setting up a monopoly board – dealing colourful money to each player and separating the houses and hotels, making sure all cards are lined up. But with monopoly, this is just a game that comes out at Christmas or family gatherings.  

Lets imagine you had to do this manually and repetitively to ensure all pieces of your expense processes were set up each day. But many of us don’t have to imagine this as we may be used to the inconvenience of manually managing expenses.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about how integrated systems under one digital roof is beneficial for all.


Not Enough Hands?

Since the beginning of expense management, we have used individual platforms for receipts management, mileage logs and per diems. This led to more work for finance and accounts teams everywhere and paired with this is an increased cost along with greater chances for human error to take place.

Switching to automated expenses allows users to submit expenses in just a few clicks. Not only is this great for the employee submitting their receipts for reimbursement, but it also helps finance and accounts teams as they will then receive a notification and be able to approve in seconds.


Frustration Station

Manual work is generally uninteresting and ultimately demotivating for team members that process it. Other members of the business may end up feeling as though they must jump through several hoops just to be reimbursed. There is a strong chance you’ve been on the receiving end of this process. Many employees have been left waiting after parting with their own money to cover overnight trips, client meals and trips made to complete their duties. Systems that make reimbursing expenses more difficult will negatively impact everyone within a business and in turn, the business itself.


Put Your Feet Up with automated expenses

The age of automation is now progressing in every industry, taking the need for our intervention away from us. Returning to the board analogy again, how great would it be to sit down to a pre-prepared game, with everything in place with no need to set it up. Automated expense claims management allows for just that. The time savings alone that stem from cutting our manual work is staggering.


Perhaps you’ve recently moved to a combined software system or maybe you’re being pulled across multiple solutions, needless to say, we have all felt the pain of trying to tie all strands of expense management together, with MyExpenseZone, everything you need is in one place and as we’ve touched on in this blog – it is incredibly helpful for all members of the team.

For better, more integrated management of your expense claims management, contact us today.

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